Weymouth, Dorset, England. Virtual Tour and guide to the town.

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The town of Weymouth UK is located on a sheltered bay at the mouth of the River Wey on the English Channel coast.

Weymouth was one of the locations for the British Olympics 2012 sailing events.

Take a panoramic virtual view of many locations throughout the town, including Weymouth Railway Station, The Beaches and Esplanade, Nothe Fort, The Pavilion & Guildhall.

You can also choose a location to commence your tour from our Map of Weymouth.

Weymouth weather - Dorset UK - current conditions and long range forecast.

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06_st_thomas_street 07_st_alban_street 08_st_marys_church 09_guildhall_methdst_ 10_customhouse_quay
11_harbour 12_weymouth_pavilion 13_clarence_buildings 14_townbridge_and_ch_ 15_trinity_rd_tearoo_
16_tudor_house 17_hope_square 18_newtons_cove_above 19_nothe_gardens 20_nothe_fort_below
22_end_of_stone_pier 23_st_johns_church 21_nothe_fort_entran_

The district of Weymouth and Portland has a population of approximately 64,000. The town is one of the most popular British seaside resorts, and a cross-channel ferry terminal.

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Weymouth is also home to the Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy, where the sailing events at the 2012 Olympics took place.

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